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Maintenance Service
Japan Telecom is an authorized licensed dealer of NEC telephone systems and specialize in providing maintenance services for NEC based phone systems. Please feel free to contact us 24 hours/365 days upon a need of any form of repair or service to your existing phone system. We also provide services for various phone systems purchased through other vendors and phone companies.

Relocation and Transfer Services
Our company can assist your business in all procedures related to data, communication and phone systems. We can help you make arrangements including ordering new lines for your new office and coordinating the migration of your important phone system from your previous office seamlessly. Please contact Japan Telecom for a consultation.
Free estimates are currently available.

Voice & Data Cabling, Data Rack Design & Installation
Japan Telecom has an in-house technical expert who will coordinate and perform all construction and installation work for phone and data services related with your business. We have the ability to offer you a variety of choices and provide customization according to your needs and requirements in the areas of voice and data cabling, patch panels, cable jacks, etc.

Proposal of business improvement
Our experienced staff with expertise in latest telecommunication technology will provide your firm with a comprehensive analysis of your application and attain vital improvements to your overall operation.